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    A new product, service or business model

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    To ensure your idea becomes a Commercial Success

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    IICIE: A Global Community of Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Investors

Our Projects

International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs


Innowize Corp is focussed on enhancing awareness of Innovation techniques to ensure that new products, services and business models are developed that add value to the society. Innowize Corp can help an organization, whether a corporate entity or a new start-up grow by ensuring that employees at all levels are aware of Innovation and Business Design techniques to ensure Strategic Growth and Innovation through White Space Opportunity Identification and Selection.

Design and Implementation of Innovation Framework:

Innowize Corp can ensure implementation of an Innovation Framework at your organization. This shall ensure that your organization follows Global Best Practices in the following areas:

  • Business process analysis
  • Customer observation and market research though techniques such as ethnography
  • Identification of customer/user needs
  • Brainstorming and Ideation
  • Concept gating: assessment and evaluation
  • Iterative product development
  • Feasibility studies: technology and market
  • Product positioning
  • Competitive strategy
  • Management of research and development

How our Consultants add value:

Our Innovation Consultants can ensure the success of your Innovation Initiative by being a Catalyst to foster innovation in the following roles

  • Session leaders/facilitators
  • Trainers/mentors
  • Team members
  • Co-inventors
  • Advisors
  • Ideators
  • Cross-fertilizers
  • Storytellers
  • Problem-solvers



Innowize Corp aims to ensure that any new business idea gets funded through analysis of operational challenges at any organization and finding the financial means to grow and expand. During this process, our Consultants shall analyze your business model and develop a Strategic Plan to achieve your Business Success. We will work with you to ensure that you reach business investors whether you are looking for Angel Investors or are the Venture Capital Stage. Our Consultants can also work with you to define your pitch and your business plan for successful funding.

Innowize Corp can also ensure business success though enhancing your sales and making sure that your company grows organically through Sales in your home market and identification and growth of your new markets.


As experienced business executives, our consultants know firsthand the hard work and challenges of making new ideas commercially successful. A hallmark of our strategy is an ability to deliver deep domain expertise. An extensive network of strategic contacts and our presence in multiple markets including North America, Europe, Middle East and Latin America can make a difference in how rapidly we can help your company achieve critical milestones.

Innowize Corp can help your company grow and prosper by :

  • Identifying new markets
  • Defining Go-to-market Strategies
  • Team Building
  • Brandbuilding and Marketing Strategy
  • Channel Partner Development
  • Technology Strategy
  • Enhancing Customer Experiences

Innovate. Invest. Prosper.

About us

Innowize Corp is focused on providing consultancy, training and investments for new entrepreneurs and ensures the growth of successful enterprises. We believe that the best way to add value to the society is through innovation and creation of new solutions which enhance the quality of life. We provide leadership and guidance to innovators and entrepreneurs and help them secure necessary funding for the success and growth of their business.

Innowize Corp is founded by AJ Khan, a successful entrepreneur focussed on driving innovation in Canada and promoting Canadian businesses globally. Along with our International Advisory Board, we provide rich experience in technology, finance, Green Energy, Gaming and Business Development. We also have established relationships with various global investment houses which ensure the success of new ventures sponsored by us.

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Innovate. Invest. Prosper.

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